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Health Benefits of A Plant Based Diet

Plant-based diets are a pathway to good health. Besides boosting your energy levels, it is associated with reducing your chances of getting chronic diseases… to help add years to your life. Do I have to become a strict vegetarian? No. More people are adding plant-based products to their diet without completely eliminating foods from animal sources. 

Here are some benefits you may enjoy by sticking to a plant-based diet.

1. A healthy heart

 A study on how plant-based eating benefits your health indicates that cutting down on animal products reduces your probability of getting heart disease by up to 16 percent. Further, it may also reduce your chances of dying from heart illnesses by about 30 percent, therefore adding some days to your lifetime. 

 So plant-based food is all you need? Literally, no. It is not enough to take plant-based foods over whichever time you will live. Instead, the quality of the food you take remains an essential factor in your journey to sustainable good health.

 2. Weight management

Making the shift towards a plant-based diet could help you reduce weight and stay clear of obesity. Even though this may not always be the case, people who have been on a plant-based diet may weigh less than those who haven't tried it yet. See this study. The argument for plant-supported weight loss lies in the fact that vegetables and whole-grain foods are low on the glycemic indexwhile fruits, nuts, and some oils contain fiber and antioxidantswhich support the digestion process.
Therefore, if you are looking to lose some pounds of weight, plant-based nutrition may be the best route besides physical exercise. Again, the quality of your meals stands paramount above the amounts or the supplements you take.

 3. Lower blood pressure and prevent diabetes

Whole grains form part of the recommended diet for hypertension patients. Most components of this diet are plant-based meals with the addition of animal and dairy products to supplement it. Therefore, plant-based nutrition can help you maintain healthy blood pressure levels.
Additionally, it is worth noting that high blood pressure can increase your risk of getting type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. Therefore, by keeping healthy blood pressure levels, you also reduce the risk of contracting these conditions.

4. A healthy brain

Did you know that eating fruits and fiber-rich vegetables can slow down Alzheimer’s disease? Research has also found that some nutrients found in plants may help control mental health problems, including dementia. Some of these nutrients, for instance, polyphenols, can also be found in whole grain meals, albeit in lower quantities.